Liquid Advent Calendar

I am not sure I should be publicizing this, but I made this for myself to get in the Christmas spirit.  I bought 24 small glass bottles and filled some of them with different kinds of mostly flavored liquors.  I added different bitters to some for flavor.

I also made some flavored syrups for coffee.

I wrote letters on the bottom of the bottles and wrote on a list which liquid went with which letter (some are already crossed off as my advent had already started when I took this photo).  Then I closed my eyes and mixed up each group of bottles.

I had bought a package of 2x2x4″ shipping boxes and modified them to open at the end.  I glued 24 of them together in a tree pattern.  I added holiday stickers and then the bottles.  I put the coffee syrup bottles on the days I work and the others in the other slots.  But otherwise they are mixed up so I do not know what flavor I am going to get until I pull the bottle and look at the list.  Here is the tree all assembled.

I know it looks homemade because it is.  But this has been fun.  I usually drink unflavored coffee and wine.  So trying different tastes has been great so far.  And it is a nice way to help with the stress that can come with the holidays.  

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  1. I actually went “ahhhh!” when I saw the tree. Well done!! What great gifts these would make too!

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