Wyeth and Cider

I have had a nice couple of days, despite the crappy weather.

Thursday my mom and I went to the Wyeth exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. It was really incredible, particularly seeing the details of the paintings up close. Here are some of my favorites:


We then had lunch at Maximilien. It is a French restaurant at the Pike Place Market with French cidre, good food and an amazing view. We strolled through the market and then headed to Macy’s to see the Christmas train window. Macy’s was quite disappointing, but the trains are still nice.


Mom went home and I slowly headed home, making some stops en route. I visited Gertrude and JP Patches statues.


I stopped by Bottleworks to pick up cider and Scandinavian Specialties to pick up some food. Then I visited my grandmother’s grave, decorating it for Christmas and battled traffic to get home to an amazing meal my husband cooked.

Then yesterday we had a relatively quiet indoor day and then headed to the Pioneer Cidermakers Dinner. It was an amazing array of most of the best local cider makers and their products. Plus Peter Mitchell who has taught all of us how to make better cider. I was in awe of the talent there and the amazing cider. Here is some of the ciders after much tasting.


So a really nice couple of days for me.

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