So we had a little relatively good news for a change.  We have been waiting for calves since mid November and disrupting many of our plans because of this.  We finally had the vet out to pregnancy check the two cows Marji and Indy today.  We wanted to make sure they really are pregnant and not just fat.  The vet said they are pregnant and due within one week, two at the most.  So apparently Tormund above did his job but took his sweet time.  It means we will not be able to leave town for Tom’s birthday in 2 days as I had hope but means we will have calves and Tormund was not a waste of time and money.  We are hoping for a least one bull calf to continue his legacy as he was butchered New Year’s Eve along with Rhett and Ashley.


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  1. Denise says:

    yay! how exciting!

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