Busy Weekend

We were supposed to go away this weekend, but our cows still have not calved so those plans were scraped, and we are trying to enjoy ourselves here.  On Friday I collected maple sap from tapping two of our maple trees the day before.  Here are the spiles in the trees, the trees themselves and the 5 gallons collected.

We had a bonfire party Friday evening.  We burned quite a bit of the cottonwood that night and enjoyed the company of family and friends.  It was quite enjoyable.  Below are photos of the fire and its sparks as well as a video of it.


On Saturday I was able (for the first time) to attend Saint Distaff’s Day in Monroe.  I caught up with my great sheepy friends John and Eliz.  Here are the spinners there:


Then I picked up our unsmoked pork from Silvana Meats and delivered some of it to its new owners.

Today I boiled the sap from our maple tree most of the day.

sap on stove

We visited my mother-in-law to educate me in how to quilt.  I am wanting to make a lap blanket from my great-grandmother’s wool batting and bits of  some of my favorite clothing items over the years.

When we came home I finished up the maple syrup and here it is.


The plan is to have pancakes in the morning!

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