God Fettisdagen!

Happy Fat Tuesday!  Per wikipedia “Fettisdagen (The Fat Tuesday) is the Swedish name for the Tuesday after the Quinquagesima and the day between Shrove Monday and Ash Wednesday. Because it is the last day before the Lenten fast, a tradition has developed of eating buns, called “fastlagsbullar”, “fettisdagsbullar” (Fat Tuesday Buns) or ” semla”.​”  I have been wanting to make Semlor for quite a while for this day, and this year I finally did it.

I used the recipe from https://www.wpr.org/recipe-semlor​ but there are many others.  I had to blanch my own almonds though since we couldn’t find any blanched ones in the stores.  I used https://www.thespruce.com/how-to-blanch-almonds-1802348 for this but had to blanch them twice.

Here are the results-

The ones on the left are filled, and the ones on the right are not.  They are so good!  Not really consistent with my post-Tennessee diet but worth it.  So God Fettisdagen to you all!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Those LOOK good!

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