Black and White

The snow on the ground is affecting the colors of the animals.  The whites look less white, and the blacks look more black.


A very reluctant Cocky Locky

Cocky Locky


The geese butts look OK and they do enjoy the snow unlike the chickens.



The mostly black and white goats.  Not sure what Shorty on the right is doing.

Meadowlark Dean Peewee and Shorty


Diddley looks especially dapper.

Diddley and Maybelle


A very dirty Dete.



Indy with teats visible.  Still waiting…..



And Walker.


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4 Responses to Black and White

  1. Jeanne says:

    It’s interesting to see more of your critters! I should have been a farm girl, I guess.

    • Donna says:

      It sounds like it. But it is a lot of work.

    • Donna says:

      There are photos of our other critters on other pages at the blog site. The pages are called our sheep flock, our goat herd and our.other critters. Some of the animals on these pages have passed but Bug and Steve are the only new ones.

      • Jeanne says:

        I was just taking some time to look at some other critters, and found Chloe. It gave me a bit of a pang when I saw her, because we had a lovely kitty who looked very much like Chloe. Her name was Phoebe. We no longer have cats, since we moved to Oregon. When we got here there were so many cats in our neighborhood it was overwhelming! At that time I had my great little Schnauzer, Tobye. She was the best, and I loved her so much. My next Schnauzer developed Cushing’s Disease, and only lived to be about 13. She had a difficult time. I don’t have a dog at this time, just enjoy our daughter’s Shih Tzu service dog.

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