Cold Weather Farm Gear

It has been cold recently so I have been employing some of this gear.  Here are my favorite wintertime farm gloves, my hand warmer and Tom’s Working Hands.  I especially need the hand warmer now due to my previously crushed and now constantly cold finger.

The boot dryer is my friend.  The boots are not quite as cold when you put them on in the morning, over thick wool socks of course.

I love my Carharrt coat and my ponytail wool hat.  The thick wool sweater I only use when it is really cold, like 10 degrees F.  Once you get started on the chores I tend to warm up so the layers start coming off then.

We have learned to use recycled rubber tubs for the water.  It is easier to bust the ice out of them as compared to metal or rigid plastic tubs.  We do not use water tub heaters.  We  have too many tubs to be worth it.  We have a heated hose, but it does not work that well.  So we just make sure at least one hose is blown out each day after chores.  Right now only one long hose is unfrozen so I am having to cart water to the cows each day.  Winter is getting old around here..







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4 Responses to Cold Weather Farm Gear

  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m sorry about your frozen hoses. No fun having to lug water around!! Keep warm!

  2. We have those same rubber tubs. So much easier to just turn them upside down and pop the ice out. Stay warm!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks! It took us a while to come to the rubber tub solution. It still is work because you have to stomp, tilt and then lift them but it is easier than trying to do it with a rigid container. Plus I think the black help when the sun is out (which is rare around here). I am trying hard to stay warm.

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