Cold Sheep and Pregnant Cow

So, like always, the weather was atrocious on shearing day.  And it remains awful with cold temperatures, rain and wind.  Our sheared sheep are cold.  I am trying to give them extra food and provide shelter from the wind and rain.  Most of the sheep have stopped shivering, but Wilma has not.  So yesterday she got the sweater of shame (above).  The other sheep were concerned.

other sheep sniffing sweater

They were not sure they still recognized her.

In other news, our questionably pregnant cow now is developing more of an udder.

Indy's butt

I wish she would just tell us when she is due.

Indy face


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4 Responses to Cold Sheep and Pregnant Cow

  1. Jeanne says:

    Poor, cold, Wilma! Brr! My sister has told me that it’s pretty cold in the Tacoma area, so I had an idea that it would be cold where you are, too. I have to say, though, that she looks pretty cute in her shirt/sweater!! I’m so glad your cow is finally showing real signs of pregnancy!

  2. When she starts getting really swollen, almost puffy under her tail it could be anywhere from one day to two weeks. She may even have jelly-like mucus showing there and then you’re looking at a day or less, every breed is different! You probably already know these signs.

    • Donna says:

      I pretty much know this, mostly from my sheep and goat experiences. But it is good to have an experienced farmer reinforce it.

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