Cobb Egg Salad

This has been my lunch the last couple of days. I sliced the avocado on the outside. It is really good, and I am able to use our abundance of eggs as well as our bacon and chives. I had our hard Apple cider with it.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh Donna! That looks SO delicious! I saved it. With a few changes for people with special diets, I think we can use that, and enjoy it! Thank you!! – By the way – we made the Paleo waffles this evening. We make a double batch, so as to have some in the freezer to pop in the toaster or microwave for breakfast, and my daughter used a whole cup of milk. I think if you were just making the regular size recipe, you’d just raise the milk to 1/2 cup. Good luck with it!

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