Turkey Pies

So I wanted to make turkey pot pies with the leftover turkey from yesterday.  I have a modern pie recipe I usually use, but I thought I would dig through my collection of historic cookbooks to see if I could find a more vintage one.  Interestingly the chicken pies I found in these cookbooks were all just plain chicken usually with a biscuit topping or with hard boiled eggs and bacon.  Tom was not up for this, so my first edition Betty Crocker from 1950 seemed to come through.

It was fascinating that this recipe originated from the same restaurant that yesterday’s roast turkey recipe did.  After I decided to cook this, I noticed that the vegetables in it are not used in the pie itself. So I made some modifications.  I included the parsley, celery, carrots and onion and also decided to add peas and potatoes (Tom’s request).  I made the pie crust using the pie crust recipe from this cookbook like I always do but using our lard.  I used corn starch instead of flour for thinking the gravy.  (My guts do not like wheat and are still recovering from my vacation.)  Below is the filling cooking.

And these are the pies I made for Tom.

I just ate the filling which was awesome.  Tom called the pies “killer”.  Way better than my usual pot pies.  I am not sure why but so clearly superior, we will not be going back.

The whole reason I cooked this turkey in the first place is because we ran out of turkey stock.  And since we did not butcher chickens last year, turkey is what we have.  And I need stock for so many things, I cannot live without it.  So I threw all the leftover turkey parts with the stuff from the roasting pan in my Instant Pot.  Magically amazing turkey stock will result in a few hours.

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3 Responses to Turkey Pies

  1. Jeanne says:

    YUM! Lucky Tom, to get those pies. I recognized that cookbook page immediately! (Before I even got far enough down the page to read that part!)

    • Donna says:

      I use it fairly regularly. I bought it in around 1994 online. It was in good condition but the postal worker left it inside my fence and the dog ate it up. So it is tattered and torn but still readable.

      • Jeanne says:

        I don’t use mine as much as I used to, since our diets have changed so drastically, but I still love them. And the old ones from the first years are so unique with the style of printing the recipes. I’ve copied that style when I find a recipe from somewhere else, that I want to keep.

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