Spring Goat Maintenance

Yesterday we did our goat maintenance which involved trimming and treating their hooves, given copper capsules, administering CDT shots and assessing their condition and color.  We used our usual system which is an old electric spool and our Sydell shearing stand.  We entice the goats to jump up with some grain and then use a collar to clip them on.  This system has generally worked well for our goats except for our 2 ex-bucks who like to jump off and try to hang themselves and our huge goats who sometimes do not cooperate.  But this system does not work at all for our sheep.  So Tom is modifying our shearing stand so it will have taller legs that can be extended from the ground to 30 inches using a boat trailer winch.  So this may be the last hurray for our spool system.  Peewee is demonstrating how it used to work.  The new system should be much easier on our backs and on the animals as well.

In other news, the skinny sheep are toasty warm with their heat lamp.

And we are doing round the clock cow butt checks.  It is getting old.







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