Depressing Day

The rain, the grey and the mud are getting quite old.  And we lost five more chicks this morning after the goats busted through a gate last night and unplugged the chick heater.  Three of them were barely alive when I found them, but I was unable to save them.  I think I am depressed, although not clinically.  Chronic back pain and sleep deprivation are also taking their toll.  We were supposed to go to our Boles in the mountains this weekend but cancelled due to all the farm issues.  Which is fortunate because I discovered the chick heater issue before they were all dead.  And as much as I deal with the mud and the rain, Tom does at least twice as much.

But I did stop the chores and depressing thoughts long enough to notice our pretty peacock.  He was setting on his favorite roost between rain showers.  Such a gorgeous bird!And to look at the bright side, Indy and Maddie (and the rest of the critters) are doing fine, although they are sick of the rain and mud too.  No one in my family has died (there has been a lot of that lately for friends of mine).

And Tom got a job today that I think he will like.  It is working for Skagit Building Salvage.  He loves the business and is good at it.  It will be part-time so still can get projects around here done.  It is less than 1/2 the wages of his previous jobs as a surveyor, but he likes the people he will be working with, it will be easier on his knee, and it is an easy commute.  And it will get him away from this mud for a while.  I just worry he will bring “treasures” home.

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5 Responses to Depressing Day

  1. margaret says:

    well that peacock makes it all worth while :]
    When we had chicks I had a huge old wood box and brought it in the house and put screens on top of was pretty close to the wood stove,but I still put a lamp..sorry about your chicks!

    • Donna says:

      He does! That is a good idea for the chicks. You couldn’t tell, but I have raised chicks for years. But this is the first time with a weasel and with this new heater. Plus the goats are not helping.

      • Margaret says:

        OH yeah I know you are a ol chix raiser.. ‘] when I was a kid a weasel got into our 100 plus chix house and killed every single one of them.My Aunt and I would go get the eggs every morning and I didn’t like it because the chickens would peck you..
        I didn’t have chix again till a few years ago and we had Bard rocks they were so great.The last one died last year she was 7 years old.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Ohhh, I’m so sorry about the chicks! That’s really a bummer. Do you think you’ll get more chicks?? I must say though – your peacock is gorgeous!!
    I’m glad Tom got the new job, I hope he enjoys it.

    • Donna says:

      We had bought 16 chicks but then 7 died. So now I think our total is 18. We may be getting some more from a friend of mine. The rabbit hutch is working but now we need to get the bigger pen weasel proof. I tore down the older fence and staples. Then the hardware cloth goes up. We are going to have to make sure there are no gaps in it anywhere. The peacock would have been prettier in the sunlight, but there is none of that around here. I hope Tom enjoys his job too. He is bummed about the pay but it pays better than the farm. I just worry about what he is going to be bringing home.

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