We have had 3.5 inches per Grampa’s rain gauge in the last 4 days.  So much rain that this morning there was a heron in the sheep’s pasture.  That is a first, usually they hang out on the wetter back of our property.

Yesterday morning Maddie was shivering but since has been OK.  The fields are so wet that I combined the sheep and goats so they all can have a little dry ground.

In other news, the chicks are doing well with their rabbit hutch.  Tom worked on weasel-proofing the chick pen today but ran out of hardware cloth.

And Izzy, our “barn” cat who no longer lives in the barn, hunted in our soaked orchard today.  Tom got this great photo.  She looks like a jungle cat.

It only rained and hailed briefly today.  Hopefully our ground will start drying out.

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