Our Chicken, Basil and Beans

Last night I had leftover fried chicken and had to come up with a meal. I also had leftover spaghetti squash and a garden with fresh basil.

I started by making fresh pesto. Then I made huge changes to this recipe combining the chicken, pesto and squash into this:

It does not look great but it was tasty.

Then I dealt with the three bags of green beans I picked in the morning. I was up until midnight canning them


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6 Responses to Our Chicken, Basil and Beans

  1. Michelle says:

    Tis the season. I have apples, prunes, pears, and a small pile of assorted garden produce on my kitchen counters, and not enough time to deal with them all!

  2. Jeanne says:

    We have tomatoes and squash almost coming out our ears!! I’m going to try a new recipe for chocolate zucchini brownies tomorrow. Our yellow beans didn’t do well this year. Some sort of blight, I think.

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