Braised Spare Pork Ribs With Chipotle

This was our dinner Wednesday evening. I was feeling summer coming to an end and wanted to try a saved summery recipe. Sorry, but it is another NYT recipe. But I am able to see this one without a subscription. I did not have chipotle powder so put some dried chipotle peppers into the Cuisinart. This was a spicy experience. Then I accidentally pressed the rub into both side of the ribs. When I brown the ribs, the whole house got a spicy smoke that was not pleasant. But we recovered from that. The braising went well. I did not have cilantro or pomegranate seeds but did not miss them. Here is our dinner with some corn and wine.

It was really yummy. The rib meat was so tender. Between us we finished the ribs (which may not be good for our waistlines but so enjoyable). I would definitely recommend this recipe using good and well-cared-for pork ribs but pay attention and only put the rub in one side!

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2 Responses to Braised Spare Pork Ribs With Chipotle

  1. Jeanne says:

    I’ve never used chipotle, since we don’t do much spicy food. Too many tender tummies – all three of us, in one way or another! I’m sorry you got a bit too much on your ribs…

    • Donna says:

      It was not too much, it was just supposed to all be on one side of the ribs so it did not burn when you brown the ribs before braising. Pretty spicy smoke!

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