Farming is Worrying

I think I have known this for a while, but it has become much more apparent the last few days.  In fact there are 10 previous blog posts with the word worrying in them with the first one being the 9th page of my original blog in 2006.  I am sure other similar words would bring up many more posts.

So we have been worrying about predators. Here is a coyote on the game camera on our back pasture fence line from 9/14.

coyote 0914

coyote 0914

Here is what we believe is a cougar on the same camera on 9/15.

possible cougar 0915

possible cougar 0915

Two days ago our friend/ neighbor lost a total of three sheep to a cougar. Fish and Wildlife killed a 2-3 year old cougar near her place. He had a 2-3 week old serious right front foot injury, possibly from a trap F&W thinks there is another cougar involved in these kills and they were still hunting in the neighborhood yesterday.

There has not been another cougar siting in the camera since then but we had this somewhat unusual coyote pose last night.

coyote 0919

coyote 0919

Since then there has just been a bunny.

bunny 0920

bunny 0920

So we have been worrying about predators, especially cougars but also coyotes. We have been counting our livestock every day and have no losses so far.

But in addition, we suddenly have worried about Steve. Yesterday evening, Tom was drawing a bath, and I had just finished picking lots of green beans. He saw and shouted out that Steve was outside the fence, on our very busy road. Here is our Arlo recording our scared response to this.

Here is what I pray is not my last photo of Steve.

Last evening I walked the front fence line trying to find where he got out and got horribly scratched by blackberries in the process.

This morning I found where he has been escaping after he escaped and terrified us again. Tom put a fence patch over the hole before this photo. I chained Steve up while I put some barb wire in other sections of fencing that the water has rusted away the bottom wire which Steve took advantage of.

While Steve was chained up he damaged our pump house and ruined a clothesline. But for the rest of the day he did not escape. Really hoping this works and he does not get into our scary road again. Two of our cats and one dog have been killed on this road, and one dog was hit requiring expensive veterinary care. We really do not need to go through this again. So we are worrying.

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4 Responses to Farming is Worrying

  1. eliz martin says:

    Hugz folks, with all the fires and intrusions there is more predators coming into our populated areas…we have had several nights recently with coyote packs but there has been something else too….Llamas don’t care too much about them but its the something else they are occasionally alarm calling. we have had 2 bear sightings this year and there are a couple of bobcats wandering around that have been seen lately also. Our sweet Lily dog is a knucklehead toooooo, her reptile brain sees nothing but what she wishes to follow and we too worry if she were ever to get out….she doesn’t come when we call her…..scary……

  2. Jeanne says:

    You certainly have my sympathy – coyotes and cougars are not good company for farm owners! And it’s definitely scary to have your precious farm dog, escaping, with the possibility of getting hit on that busy road!

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