was a nice day.  We got up somewhat early and got the animal chores done.  Then we went to our friend Denise’s and picked up her King? apples.  They had picked a bunch, and we picked some more.  Tom estimates it is 500# of apples, from one tree!

Then we had lunch.  I had a Caesar salad with a great homemade dressing.  I make 4-5 days of salads and put them in jars with the dressing on the bottom to make life easier.

chicken ceasar salad

Then I settled into spinning on my new Jocko wheel,img_4529

and watched the Seahawks play much better and beat the Cowboys (here is a critical fumble in the game).img_4535

I then made a roasted chicken.  I used an Alice Water’s recipe from The Art of Simple Food.


I used one of our 6# chickens, our rosemary and some garlic.  Here is the chicken after coming out of the oven,img_4537

and here it is on my plate accompanied by our pototoes mashed and the last of our peas.  I also had my quince apple cider.  img_4538

We then watched a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones, trying to rewatch each episode before the new (and last) season starts.  The cider is in my GOT goblet.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh boy! That’s a lot of apples!! I’m not sure I’d want that many. Your chicken looks yummy.

    I’m sure you really enjoyed spinning on your Jocko wheel! It looks huge, and very heavy! Do you have any idea how much it weighs?

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