Our Halloween

First were the animal chores.  The chickens enjoy the insides of the jack-o-patterns,

chickens and pumpkin innards

and so did Hodor.

Hodor and pumpkin innards

Tom’s daughter visited with our grandson William and their new puppy Belle.  Steve was enthralled.

Steve and Belle

William was enthralled, as usual, by riding the quad with grandpa.

Tom William and quad

Then we went to the motorcycle store.  He enjoyed sitting on a new quad.

But the reason we are there was to get him a helmet, goggles and gloves.  On the way back to our home he wore the goggles and gloves.

Once we were back he wanted to try out his new helmet.

William left to go trick or treating as spiderman.  Then for our Halloween evening I made some Game of Thrones food.  Here is Honeyed Chicken


and here is Turnips in Butter.


Here is my GOT dinner.  I used our chicken, thyme, mint, turnips and peas.  I accompanied dinner with season 3 episodes.


We had a great Halloween.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    William is surely a cute kid! And the new puppy is a dolly – is she a Jack Russell?

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