Game Camera, Calves, Sheep and Eggs

So here are the latest scary animals on our game camera.  There is the mighty hunting cat we call Izzy.

Here are the mighty farmers Tom and William.

And here are the mighty flocks of birds looking to steal food from the barn.

The three calves are growing up and looking good.  We are noticing that Maddie Moo is stocky but not very tall.  Sonja is already as tall as her.

Sonja and Maddie:

Bug and Maddie:

Here is Logan making a mess of himself.

And here is our daily egg bounty (20 yesterday).  The spring chicks are laying like crazy, and we have eggs in our produce stand almost every day.  That is incredible at this time of year (Thanks Eliz!!!)

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6 Responses to Game Camera, Calves, Sheep and Eggs

  1. Denise says:

    Really glad yours are still laying- our girls seem to have shut down production for the winter. Was so happy there were some in the fridge when I stopped the other day 🙂


  2. eliz martin says:

    So happy for You….but the kudos is yours…Most of mine are retired for the winter and several still molting, looking sooooo bad….Love the 3 colors of scottish fuzzies…. Peace and Warmth,eliz


  3. Jeanne says:

    What great pictures! Izzy the mighty hunter looks so impressive!!
    That’s a beautiful basket full of eggs. Which brings to mind: Is that guy still helping himself to your eggs without paying?? I hope not!!


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