Pot Roast Bourguignon and James Bond Martini

Tom pulled a pot roast from the freezer for dinner yesterday. I remembered that I had saved this recipe. I used our farm’s roast, bacon and rosemary. It cooked all afternoon while I racked wines. And it was nice entering the warm house with its lovely aromas. It could have used a little more liquid in the last hour of cooking, but it was very tasty. Here it is on my dinner plate.

For my liquid advent calendar yesterday, I got vermouth. So I decided to have a martini for the first time. I found a James Bond martini recipe. I used the shaker that used to belong to my Grampa.

Here is my after dinner martini.

It was good. It was strong but did not taste like it. I liked the lemon in it too. So now I can say I have had a James Bond martini.

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