Sour Cream Dressing and Instant Pot Pork Chop Meal

I was making my usual canning jar salads but then realized we were running out of olive oil. I usually put this oil, vinegar and spices on the bottom for the dressing. So I had to scramble to find a new dressing recipe. I knew we had sour cream so googled and found this recipe. And then I was able to make my salads.

The salad with the dressing was great.

For dinner I tried the Instant Pot Pork Chop One Pot Meal recipe. I used our chops and our beef stock. It was easy to make and tasty. The only issue was that the gravy was not thick enough but this was likely because I put in too much stock. Here it all is on my plate.

Definitely I am going to keep this recipe to use again. The flavors were wonderful.

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  1. No such thing as too thin gravy, you just need lots and lots of buttered bread. And elastic pants. Lol. That’s how we view it in our house. 😉

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