A Change in the Barnyard

We butchered three red and black young roosters on Tuesday.  At least two of these roosters were mean and beating up on our old Welsummer rooster.  One may have been innocent.  But anyway, they are in our freezer now, and the barnyard has changed.  There is an emerging nice, good-sized and handsome rooster.  We are looking for a replacement for top rooster as our Welsummer is getting old.  He may be the one.

He actually does have two legs.  He was just holding it up for the photo shoot.  Here is another photo showing two legs.

Our old Welsummer is perking up after the harassment has ended.  Here he is eating some worms I exposed for him.

There is a group of Faverolle cross roosters that tend to hang out in the front of the barn. So far they have been well-mannered.  One of them may be the chosen one.

This guy has turned into the mean rooster.  He is constantly attacking another rooster that looks just like him but does not have the speckles.  He is not bothering anyone else but man is he mean to that one poor rooster.  It is only because he is scrawny that he is still alive.  But that opinion might change.

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4 Responses to A Change in the Barnyard

  1. Jeanne says:

    Honestly! Those birds can surely get ornery! I hope all works out well..

  2. I have a bantam currently who is the worst rooster I’ve ever owned. He’s even attacking the geese and can jump up to my chest level. The only reason the a$$ is still around is that my “How to taxidermy” book just came in the mail to day. He’s a booted millie fleur bantam and will look good on a bookshelf.
    Meanest turd ever.

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