It went from snow on the ground to warm and sunny really quickly.  Now all of a sudden we are faced with getting early Spring tasks done fast.  We have to repair the greenhouse.  We have to get seeds started.  We will have to start thinking about getting the hot house organized, a spot for pigs prepared and clear the garden for rototilling.  Plus I am hoping to rototill and replant one of the fields when it dries out enough.  Here is part of the garden with the hoop and green house that need work.  Tom bought bricks and windows for the greenhouse already.

I was noticing today how much louder spring is than the winter.  You can hear more birds chirping and the frogs have started croaking.  I tried to capture these sounds for you, but I kept being interrupted by sounds of lawn equipment, motorcycles and planes, also sounds of spring.  I didn’t think you wanted to hear those sounds though.

I have been Spring cleaning.  I have washed windows, washed the curtains, steam-cleaned rugs, scrubbed grout and organized some of our outbuildings.  It is amazing how much lighter the house is after cleaning the windows.

In animal news, the old Welsummer rooster has his harem back, and he has started crowing again.  Another nice sound to hear!

And today I noticed a father and his two sons at the hay feeder.  The resemblance is striking.  They are (from right to left) Wendel, Hansel and Bambam.

Happy Spring!


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4 Responses to Sprung!

  1. Jeanne says:

    Ahhh! I love spring, too! It looks as if you have a lot of work ahead. I’m still trying to decide how to take care of the contorted Gilbert in front of my house, since it was shattered during our big snowstorm last month. It looks terrible!

  2. Denise says:

    glad to hear the welsummer rooster is rebounding. he’s a handsome boy 🙂

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