Shearing Day Photos

penned sheep

ready to go

Amanda being sheared

Amanda being sheared and Tanya waiting

Tanya being sheared

Tanya let free

shorn Amanda

shorn Tanya

Donna being sheared

Dete being sheared

donkeys looking on

shorn Donna

part of the crew

the crew

Eliz with release


old goats and shorn sheep

Denise with bags of wool

bags of wool

Hodor being sheared

Tom and Donna

Diddley and Mom

Ewegenie being sheared

Ewegenie neck being shorn

shearing machine

Vanessa released

shorn sheep itching on fallen trees

Jewel being sheared

Jewel fleece

old and shorn sheep

Maybelle being shorn

the crew again

getting ready for release

more bags of wool

Diddley being sheared

Mr D being sheared

Thanks Al (the photographer) and the rest of the crew for a great shearing day!

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8 Responses to Shearing Day Photos

  1. Diane cruikshank says:

    Wow…that is alot of wool! Do you think the sheep feel better after their shearing? ­čśŐ

  2. Michelle says:

    All the shorn ones look to be in great flesh; yay! I’m trying to decide whether to ask my farrier/shearer to do any when he’s here next Friday or not. The rise always makes it tricky, and he usually ruins a fleece or two besides the ones he decides he’d better not tackle. I can think of two (out of 11) he can probably do for sure….

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Michelle. They went through the winter well for the most part. It is always tricky with Shetlands, when to shear them. Hazelnut had already roped completely, and Amanda had started before shearing.

  3. Jeanne says:

    How many bags of wool did you end up with? One per animal? But I lost track of how many sheep there are…

    Tanya has beautiful color! If I was going to buy some I’d go for hers. But I can’t do all the work to clean, etc., so I’ll just drool from here!

    I’m always amazed at how calm sheep are, during the shearing. I’ve seen it done live, as well as in a video.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Donna says:

      It is twenty bags for 20 animals. TanyaÔÇÖs fleece had partly felted so no good for spinning. I think it will become a felted rug. They are drying now and then comes skirting, weighing and judging.

  4. eliz martin says:

    Thankyou Donna/Tom for posting all these pictures,,,Didn’t see any of Your wonderful Swedish table spread….always enjoy the adventure…..

    • Donna says:

      So glad to have you Eliz. The Swedish breakfast and lamb cake will be in the next post. I did not have time this morning to include it.

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