was born as a twin on May 15, 2008 to our Shetland sheep Jocko and Lily.  Here he is with his mother just after he was born.


Huey and Lily, May 15, 2008

Unfortunately Lily had only one functioning teat but thankfully Suzette adopted her 2 days later after her lamb had died.  Here he is with Suzette.


Suzette and Huey, May 17, 2008

Here he is in June, looking good!

huey 608

Huey, June 2008

Here he is in October, growing up fast.


Huey, October 2008

Here he is with his brother.  They were raised by different ewes but still acted like brothers.

hueydewey 708

Huey and Dewey, July 2008

Here he is in 2009.  The thing about Huey was that he was terrified of people.  So I never got very close to him except when necessary.

huey 809

Huey, August 2009

But he made gorgeous fleeces.

hueyfleeceunder 309

Huey’s fleece, March 2009

Here he is being sheared in 2015.

shearing Huey 315

Huey being sheared, March 2015

His fleeces were lighter in color some years more than others.  This is his fleece from last year.

huey locks 418

Huey’s fleece and locks, April 2018

He had hoof problems in the winter time though, despite all my attempts at treatments.  So he and Hazelnut stayed in a pen a good portion of the winters so their hooves could stay dry.  Plus it was so traumatizing to them to catch and treat them, this was much nicer for them.  Here he is in December making a mess of himself.


Huey, December 2018

I decided to shear him this year and then he went in with the flock along with Hazelnut who I had rooed.  But today we unexpectedly found him dead.  No signs of what happened.  I worry maybe he was beat up by the other sheep or the guard llama, but I had not seen any signs of that.  Or maybe he got too cold last night?  Or maybe he fell over and could not get up?  Or maybe he just had a heart attack and died?  I am, of course, feeling guilty that I should not have sheared him.  But he was in good condition and only 10 years old.  I can only hope he did not suffer in the night.  RIP Huey.

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8 Responses to Huey

  1. Jackie craw says:

    So sorry! I know he had a good home with you!

    • Donna says:

      I hope so. He was in some pain at times with his hooves and terrified of us. But I tried to let him be as much as I could.

  2. Denise says:

    So sorry- how strange, and sad.😥 Rest in peace Huey.

  3. Awww. I’m sorry for your loss of Huey.

  4. Jeanne says:

    Huey was really a cute baby, and grew up to be very handsome. I’m so sorry about what happened to him. It’s such a shock when one of your animals dies suddenly like that. I hope he didn’t suffer.

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