Smoked Turkey

I wanted us to cook a turkey for dinner yesterday. And Tom ran across a video about smoking turkey. Since we only butchered one turkey it seemed like it was the perfect time to learn how to smoke one.  Tom followed this recipe except he used a homemade injection solution.

Here is the brined turkey early on in the process.

And here is the griller’s staging area complete with laptop, music and beverage.

I joined Tom and we relaxed on our back porch from 3-6 while the turkey smoked. Here it is all done.

And here is Tom’s dinner plate.

This turkey was SO good. It was smokey but moist and a little spicy. It is better than Silvana’s smoked turkey. We were both so thrilled with this and have plenty of leftovers to enjoy.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Ooh,YUM!!! I have no way to do that, but it sure looks good.

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