The Dead

I need to admit to being a deadhead. I had a friend Rose who first introduced me to them. Here is the shirt that she made for me back then.

And then when I graduated high school, a group of us bought an older sedan and followed them some in the summer of 1983. We saw them in Ventura, Palo Alto and Portland, 5 shows total. Here is a photo of us at one of them.

I then saw them New Year’s Eve in San Francisco that year and again in Eugene 1988. But my education got in the way, and I did not see them again. And I distinctly remember the moment when I heard Jerry died, just after I had finished my training and had a steady job.

But I still have my tapes and albums to listen too. I digitalized it all for my iPod.

Fast forward to 2008 when we saw Bob Weir with Ratdog at Red Rocks. Bob was obviously wasted, played horribly and could not remember the words to the songs. It was awful. Thankfully the Allman Brothers Band put on an amazing show.

Fast forward to Thursday when we headed out to the Gorge to see The Dead & Company in our camper van with my iPod.

Here are some of the sights from the campground.

Here is Tom trying to barbecue in an intense wind, but we had an incredible meal after.

On Friday Tom checked out the campground and vendors while I took it easy with my smashed and now infected foot and knitted.

Then in the evening we headed to the venue. It turns out that Live Nation treats people with disabilities abominably, which was incredibly upsetting and almost ruined my experience. But we finally made it and the band played well.

Tom took this photo of me enjoying the show. I am wearing the dress I bought in Palo Alto in 1983.

And here we are leaving the campground this morning.

Now we are heading home, exhausted but happy with my iPod playing, and now Tom is a deadhead too.

P.S. I did file a complaint with

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  1. FullyFleeced says:

    sorry to hear about the problems with disability accommodations- and hope the foot is getting better. Some really cool/interesting bus configurations at the campground!

  2. Donna says:

    Thanks Denise! The foot is getting better. The campground was interesting. It is too bad I couldn’t not walk around more to check it out.

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