Turkeys and Piglets

I have not been out with the animals for about two weeks thanks to the cabin trip and my run-over foot.


Here is a photo from the last time I was with them on May 20th.

cows coming toward meJPG

So I went out today, even though it hurt.  I needed to be with my animals for my soul.  I noticed that the turkeys have grown a lot and are ready to go out into the barn with the other animals.  I decided to put them into a tote to move them.  Once I moved them, they did not seem to want to leave their tote.

After a while, one of them roosted on the edge. So finally I had to dump them out.

one turkey perched

It turns out, Rosalie (the red pig) is an escape artist.  The other day when I was napping after a night shift, she got out and found a mud hole near the orchard.  Tom had to chase where around for a while to get her back in the pig pen with Truffle.  Tom ended up twisting and hurting his knee in the process.  Steve, unfortunately, was helping too.  Eventually they got her back, and now she is giving Tom the evil eye but has not squeezed out again.

I missed the farm!

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2 Responses to Turkeys and Piglets

  1. Eliz says:

    Gee what did you do to your foot, looks ouch. Hope Tom is all right. Yup I got another pair of turkeys, Narragansett have white midget too.

    • Donna says:

      My cousin accidentally ran over it with his car. We are both gimped up right now. Narragansett turkeys are gorgeous, much prettier than mine.

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