Walker 1997 – 2019

We bought Walker on November 1, 2009 to be a pack and guard llama for us.  We were told he was born in 1997.  Here he is the day we brought him home and then photos of him over the years with us.

Walker in November 2009

Walker sniffing his own wool after shearing in April 2010

Walker with his pack, May 2010

Walker at cabin, August 2010

Walker by the river, August 2010

hungry llamas and Tom, January 2012

DC and Walker, October 2012

Tom and Walker looking at something, May 2013

Walker and Al, June 2013

Walker, January 2014

Walker getting a treat, August 2014

Walker, July 2015

Walker in seeded field, April 2016

Walker after trimming, July 2016

Walker in tall grass, June 2017

Walker and eagle, June 2017

Walker, February 2018

Walker profile, August 2018

frosty cows and Walker, December 2018

cows and Walker in snow, March 2019

Over the last couple of months, he started developing some weakness in his left rear pastern.  This progressively became worse, and today he could not stand up.  So I gave him a last meal, and we had him put down.

last meal

After he was dead, I looked up and saw the moon.  It made me wonder if he looked at the moon too.


My heart is broken.  I truly loved this animal, and I going to sorely miss his regal presence in our pasture.  Rest in Peace Walker.  Your watch is over.

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9 Responses to Walker 1997 – 2019

  1. Michelle says:

    Donna, as much as it must tear you up (and leave me feeling sad, too!), these good-bye posts with photos through the years are very special memorials to the creatures who you have loved and lost.

  2. Tammy Smith-mcconnor says:

    I’m so sorry Donna. You’ve had so much loss since I’ve started following your blog. I know life is not fair but this is really too much cumulative loss for one family to be burdened with.
    Wish I could give you a hug and a strong drink.

  3. Jeanne says:

    Donna, I’m sorry for the loss of Walker. He was really a beauty. I’ve lost several sweet dogs that I loved dearly. It’s tough. I wish I could have seen Walker.

    • Donna says:

      He was a beautiful animal, Jeanne. I am going to miss him so much. I will never forget the time the herd the sheep up and guarded them against a police helicopter hovering over our field searching for a fugitive. I thought it was so brave of him. He was a great guard animal, not a great packer though.

  4. Lois Moore says:

    Dear Donna…I am so very sorry. Llamas are such bright spirits, and our bond with them runs deep, especially after so many years. Walker was blessed to have spent those years with you; I am sure that he knows that he was loved, and will continue to watch over you and your flock.

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