Sweden Trip Day 5 Gotland

So today we got to explore the island of Gotland. It started off by preparing a picnic lunch with Vasterbotten cheese.

The we headed south to check out the western coastline there.

There are old windmills there that you can check out.

And there are Gotland sheep grazing everywhere.

This is what the churches in the countryside looked like.

Then we drove to the southern tip to check out the view.

This is a thatched roof building in the area that you can checked out the first and second story of.

Then we had lunch on a store slab picnic table.

These are some Gute rams we saw.

Then we headed to a lighthouse on the eastern shore.

Finally we went to check out Visby and its medieval structures.

We went to the Gotland Museum in Visby to learn more about its history. First we learned about picture stones from the fifth to seventh centuries.

We learned about objects buried in Viking funerals.

We learned about the history of the Hanseatic League.

I checked out the medieval basement.

Then we learned about the brutality of the Battle of Visby.

And finally we learned about the stashes of gold and silver from as far back as the Vikings and from as far away as Egypt that are being discovered on Gotland.

We then headed to the liquor store because I wanted to find some punsch. We found that they have rams guarding their gates instead of the stone lions we saw in Stockholm. Plus they have plenty of cider here.

We walked back through the Visby wall to have an amazing medieval dinner.

After dinner we checked out more of Visby. I just like the name of this pub.

We found some more medieval churches that we could explore.

We went to Visby’s Wall one last time. At this place you could stand on it.

So while my mother and I were checking out Gotland, Tom, his son and Sharon’s son were stacking 10 tons of hay. Hbere are 5 of the tons.

I am feeling guilty, but we did have a wonderful day here in Gotland.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    What wonderful things you’ve seen!! It’s almost unreal. On some of the pictures, I wish you had put a bit more information. 🙂

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