Sweden Trip Day 6, Traveling to Umeå

Today was a travel day from Visby to Umeå. The day started with getting up at 5:00 to catch the ferry. Here is our view from the boat most of the 3.5 hour trip.

Then we drove quickly to Stockholm, dropped the rental car off and then rushed to the train station. We made it in time, and this is our train car.

It was a 7 hour train ride. We read, I knitted, and we ate.

We went though many Swedish towns along the way. Unfortunately the windows were difficult to see through. Here is a portion of Gävle where the Yule Goat is constructed from straw each Christmas season.

There were some views of lakes and the Baltic Sea periodically.

Finally we made it to Umeå. We had to walk 1 mile with our luggage to our hotel. I did see this Swedish alphabet on the way.

We made it to our hotel.

It was a long day. We travelled about half the length of Sweden today. We are enjoying a Swedish version of an Old Fashioned and then heading to bed.

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