More William Time

After we met baby Piper on Friday we went home and made wood-fired pizzas. Tom wanted meats with onions, and William wanted pineapples.

I made a crust less marguerite pizza for me. Here we are eating dinner on our back porch.

We hung out in the living/bed room after dinner. William enjoyed you tube kids while he became tired.

On Saturday I made some blackberry dye and zucchini chips. Tom then pressed apples for cider while I did the animal chores. William vacillated between helping Tom and I. William did hold the chicks again. In the afternoon I cleaned out the 4th out of 5 pens in the barn. William helped steer the tractor. Tom finished up the apples and then pressed my grapes. We then cleaned up and went to visit baby Piper again.

After spending time with Piper we went out to dinner. We headed home to watch the UW Huskies play only to have a weather delay. We watched the lightening storm instead, and I got some green beans packed for freezing. Steve was really freaked out by the lightning so was hanging out in the house ( highly unusual for him).

On Sunday, we did the animal chores, but we needed to move the pigs to a larger pen.  This proved to be stressful, but William watch the whole show sitting on the tractor seat.  Once we had them situated in the pen we added straw to their shelter, then pumpkin and apples pressings,  and they were happy.


Then we settled in for lunch and Seahawks football.  William played on the couch next to Tom.


We had the Seahawks lights going on the ceiling of the living/bed room.  In fact William had them going for the 2 days prior, including while he was sleeping at night.


I spun yarn on Jocko during the game.  This is one of the few highlights of the game, a Hawks TD.


After the game we had dinner and then watched Sunday Night Football.  At this point William is getting pretty bored.


Piper was brought home Sunday evening so Tom brought William home on Monday morning.  It was 4 days with us.  He is a cute kid and generally well-behaved, but it is exhausting.  I am not sure how his parents do it.  But now Tom and I get back to our normal routines and living room.  I do hope William enjoyed his time with us.

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2 Responses to More William Time

  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m sure William enjoyed his time with you. There’s so much different stuff to do. He surely is a cutie!

    I know I would have enjoyed the lightning show much more than the ball game! We’ve had some big storms this month, but sometimes the lightning was above the clouds and we couldn’t see it.

    • Donna says:

      I do hope he enjoyed it. There was a lot of different things we did with him but I do not think he likes watching football games. I would have preferred watching the Huskies win but lightening is a close second, as long as there is no destruction.

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