We are at Meridian Equipment Auction today looking to buy farm equipment. There are some interesting things for sale besides farm stuff.

I bought this camp stove that was made in Sweden. It came with an antique blow torch for $15.

Here is some farm equipment we have some interest in.

We got the sickle bar mower for $400.

Here is the mouse being sold to someone for $80.

We bought three apple trees for $15 each.

The bus went for $500.

My dad bought a tractor with a loader.


This giant sold for $7500.

Thomas bought the blue Dodge truck from the beginning of the post.

We got this rake for $100.

You can see that the weather turned nasty. The tedder we wanted went for too much. And the balers we were looking at were broken. So it was a successful day although cold, wet and long.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Aww! Maybe you should’ve bought the school bus!! It looked to be in good shape.
    I’ll bet the auction was a lot of fun! It’s too bad the weather didn’t behave, though.

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