October 18:October 19 (sorry, early and out of focus):

October 21:

Tom finished new steps for feed shed in the nick of time:

This is what hit us October 21 (per https://cliffmass.blogspot.com):

It flooded and closed our road and flooded our barn.  It is hard to see the flooded barn.

Here is another view of the flooded barn.

October 23::

Today we had to move the pigs out of their large pen as they were belly deep in mud.  So they went to their smaller pen which is for now less muddy.  We need to come up with something to fill in the low spot of the barn which is hard to do when even our Kukota tractor is getting stuck.  But Tom put cement blocks in front of the barn to hopefully prevent more rainwater incursions.  Thankfully the forecast for now is for dryer weather.  We could all use that.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Wow! You really did get a lot of rain! Not here, though. Bummer! It’s good that Tom is such a good handyman!

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