Fall Sheep Maintenance 2019

Tom and I did the sheep maintenance on our 21 sheep today.  This involves checking their fleeces, conditions, and conjunctiva colors as well as trimming their hooves and administering copper capsules.  We (mostly Tom) caught each one, placed them on the stand, and elevated the stand.  Grain was offered as an incentive.  This mostly progressed from oldest to youngest sheep as the older ones are easier to catch.

Wilma born 2006

Jet born 2008

Amanda born 2007

These two sheep are in a separate pen due to their disabilities.  So we did their maintenance in the pen rather than drag them out onto the stand.

Heidi born 2004

Hazelnut born 2007

My barn camera said my battery was exhausted for Jewel, but mysteriously it kept working after that.  So I caught a photo of her later.

Jewel born 2007

Tanya born 2008

Diddley born 2010

Moll flopped her feet off the stand and tried to hang herself.  So I did not get a photo of her on the stand but after.

Moll born 2008

These are the remaining sheep yet to do.

penned sheep

Madonna born 2007

Maybelle born 2015

Dete acquired 2009

The rams need a separate head lock because of their horns.  So we have to hand feed them their grain incentive.

Hodor born 2015

Vanessa born 2010

Wendel born 2015

Donna born 2010

Ewegenie born 2007

Jemima born 2009

Walda born 2015

Harlen born 2015

Bambam Too born 2012

In general, the wool quality is lessening as my flock gets older but no big surprises there.  But there were still some very nice fleeces.  Five of the sheep had some mild hoof separation issues which is unusual and disappointing.  Their conditions were mostly as expected too.  The stand Tom modified for us that we can hoist up is really helpful.  We do not have to lift up the sheep, and I do not have to bend as much to do their hooves.  A real back saver.  So a good maintenance day and happy to be done until Spring.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I have been wondering how many sheep you had. That’s a lot of work to do! Tom did a great job on the stand!
    Have a great day!

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