Foggy Trip to the Boles

We headed out Saturday with a quad, a snowmobile and Steve. We did see this cool Ram Charger as we headed toward the pass.

My Dad, Tom’s son and his girlfriend were already there. One purpose of the trip was to see if the repairs Tom had done to his Phazer were successful. Unfortunately they were not.

But we had a nice time talking around a bon fire and then having a nice steak dinner with meat from Owen’s. The dinner was nice, but the view was poor as it stayed foggy.

It was cold for Steve so we made him come in the trailer. He did not like it but at least he was warm.

The trees were covered with ice.

Here is the view.

On Sunday Tom and Dad had ridden on their quads to see if we could reach the snow with our snowmobiles. They learned we couldn’t. They came back, put one quad away and doubled up to get back to the trailer. Steve found them and came back with them. But this photo shows how hard it is to see Steve in the fog.

I mostly watched football and knitted. In the afternoon I decided to make a cocktail. I still had three little liquid advent bottles left from when I left them for New York. One was Luxardo. So I googled to find a recipe that would work with what was available to me. I found a Kentucky Flyer Whiskey Cocktail recipe and made that to go with football.

Everyone except Tom, Steve and I left, and right after that we saw some deer walking by out of our front window.

Tom went out to get some video of them, and I moved to the bedroom window to get more photos.

Here is a photo of our Boles with the iced trees around it,

and another showing how hard it is to see Steve.

One of my other leftover advent bottles was Bourbon. So that was easy. I made an Old Fashioned to watch the Seahawks by.

It was really nice seeing Marshawn run again,

but otherwise the game was kind of sad. We did have a nice smoked pork chop dinner thanks to Owens.

This morning we packed up and headed out. As we were leaving I noticed Dad’s weather station.

We were able to install a new battery for our solar system. But otherwise it was just a weekend of hanging out and relaxing.

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4 Responses to Foggy Trip to the Boles

  1. Jeanne says:

    Very interesting! Though I haven’t been able to spot Steve in the first of the two pictures where you mentioned him.

    I really like the picture of the weather station!

    Do you have a dish for TV reception??

  2. FullyFleeced says:

    Looks really cold up there. I couldn’t find Steve in the photos either! T’was sad about the Hawks. They had every opportunity at the end to pull it out and couldn’t get it done 🙁

    • Donna says:

      He really blended in. We were scared he would leave and we wouldn’t be able to find him. But he stuck around. The Hawks looked sloppy. I hope they pull it together for Sunday.

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