Boxing Day

Today was about trying to get back to post-Christmas life. First I slept in until 7:00. I distributed most of the gifts to us to their new spots. Plus I cleaned up and did dishes. Then it was time to feed and water the animals. So I donned my new Grundens boots and grabbed my new barn camera and headed out to the barn.

My first barn camera shot was a test shot inside the house of the dining room table.

But the second photo was in the barn of my new comfortable and tough barn boots.

We finished the animals chores and then the task at hand was start a bon fire with the help of the Christmas debris. A true task for Boxing Day.

It was then time to take the new boots off and put them on my new boot dryer.

Then I made my gramma White’s peanut butter Special K cookies for a party tomorrow.

In the evening it was time to make a cocktail from my new Downton Abbey Cocktail Book with the ingredients my cousins gave me with the book for a My Pal cocktail.

I had bought North Drinkware glasses for several on my family members for Christmas. But I also bought myself a Mount Baker tumbler. So I was able to pull it out and use it for this cocktail. You can see the outline of Mount Baker in the bottom of my cocktail.

It was a nice day of recovering from Christmas.

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3 Responses to Boxing Day

  1. FullyFleeced says:

    looks like you guys had a great christmas! so how do you like the grundens? I think they are the comfiest boots I’ve ever owned. Almost like wearing tennies. Had mine for about a year now and they are holding up well.

    • Donna says:

      We did have a great Christmas but I am exhausted. I wore them all morning yesterday and love them. Glad to hear they hold up well. I hope you had a nice and relaxing Christmas.

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