Gotland Cloak

I finally finished weaving my fabric for a Gotland cloak just before Christmas. I had to wait on sharing it because 4 of the placemats I made with the leftover Gotland warp were gifts for my mother. I used some blue multi colored Jamieson and Smith yarn for the weft.

I had also used some of the Gotland warp to make a purple table runner. I used some purple yarn from my stash. I think it shows the pattern well.

And this is the actual cloak fabric. For this I used yarn from our Gotland cross sheep Tanya and Moll. This wool was spun into fingering yarn by Stonehedge Mill. So this is a reasonably authentic Gotland fabric. It measures 17 feet in length by 13.5 inches wide. I ran out of the Gotland yarn so it couldn’t be any larger. Here it is all folded up.

And here are the notes I used to weave with.

And here is the pattern I was using. The cloak for the movie was made with Gotland yarn from New Zealand. This produced a cloak with a gorgeous sheen. This helped make Gotland wool more popular.

So my pattern does not look like it should based on the photos. But I still like it. I know I cannot make this cloak as I do not have enough fabric. So I will need to find a smaller one to make.

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4 Responses to Gotland Cloak

  1. Mom says:

    Love my placemats.

  2. FullyFleeced says:

    wow- that must have been a pretty long warp! the gotland fabric looks lovely- and I’m sure it feels marvelous

    • Donna says:

      It was long but I ran out of weft so miscalculated. It does feel nice. Looking forward to making some kind of cloak, hopefully before the weather warms.

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