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So in farm news, we have moved the cows to the further back field since the closer field is all tore up by their hooves and the precipitation.  So it is a chore to drag the farm cart with a bale of hay through the tore up field to get feed to them  In fact, I probably hurt my back two days ago doing this.  But they are much happier in this field and do enjoy their hay.  Tom, who has a much stronger back, will be doing this chore for now.

A couple of days ago I noticed this older hen’s claws.  I have never trimmed chicken toenails before so this was a first.  They were all incredibly long on this poor chicken.  They bled a little after the trimming, but she did not seem to mind.  I looked at the other chickens and did not notice anyone else who needed a clipping.

I have not ordered seeds yet.  But I took this photo to inventory what we have already from last year. I am noticing the rhubarb, nettles and croci coming up so I need to get on this.

Finally, there is a serious flood warning for our county through the weekend.  We got 2.3 inches yesterday here.  Our garden and fields are partially flooded but not bad yet.  Hopefully it stays this way.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Donna, I hope and pray that the predicted flooding won’t actually materialize. I’d hate for that to happen,

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