Babysitting Grandchildren

This is the fist time we have babysat both of our grandchildren together.  I was post-call yesterday so my mom came and helped me.  Here is Piper happy in mom’s arms.

Meanwhile Tom and William rode around.

Piper discovered our cat Chloe and vice versa.

Mom left when Tom came in to help, and we made grilled pizza for dinner.  Unfortunately the first pizza stuck to the peel, and we ended up making a burnt calzone.  Thankfully the second pizza turned out well.

After dinner William wanted to play Battleship.  Tom provided valuable assistance.

But he got bored of that game and wanted to play Monopoly.  And he won, like he did the last time we played.

Here are Tom and Piper after the Monopoly beatdown.

And here are Piper, Tom and William surfing.  It was 10:00, and I gave up the ghost.  Tom was able to put both kids down for the night.

The kids woke up at 6:00 so I got up with them.  Tom slept in a little and then chilled with the kids on the couch with the early pregame show.

Piper liked watching the aquarium as does William.

And William noticed a baby fish in there.  It is in the middle of the above photo but the close up is below.  I have not had a baby fish in a long time.  William thinks it is a boy fish.

Tom and William went out to do the animal chores while Piper, Chloe and I watch the pregame show.

I just love Piper’s facial expressions.

Here is a photo that Tom took of William with our goat Peewee while they did the chores.

William and Peewee

When they were done, William helped me with holding Piper.

He helped put his fold-up bed away and then sat on it.

And I still love Piper’s expressions.

Then she fell asleep in my arms.  And it was so peaceful.

Her parents returned after celebrating Russ’ 40th birthday.  Now it is strangely quiet, but we have a Super Bowl to watch.

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4 Responses to Babysitting Grandchildren

  1. What a sweet day.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Good job! Those are two adorable kids! They seemed to be quite happy. William does a good job of riding his bike.

    • Donna says:

      They are adorable and mostly seemed happy. William would say occasionally that he was bored, but he is getting much better with his balance and coordination on his electric bike.

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