A Cold Spring Morning

It has been unseasonably cold here.  This morning seemed particularly chilly.  It was to the point that our “barn” cat came in the house to hang out.  This photo was not intended to be out of focus, but I like the effect.  It gives you the impression of what our quarantine is like.

This is what the photo was supposed to look like.

We were a little slow to do the animal chores this morning.  Everyone seemed  little grumpy.  Olivia was grumpy having to share her grain with a rooster.

Two of my ewes have been cold since shearing.  Yesterday they were shivering, but the sun was starting to come out.  I fed them extra and hoped they would be OK.  But this morning they were shivering again.  Here they are in the field eating what little grass there is.  Normally this time of year we would have more grass growing.  So we are still feeding full rations of hay to the critters.

These ewes were looking at me with pitiful faces.

This goose was the only animal that seemed happy with the recent weather.

goose bathing

I got the skinny ewes in the barn.  They are coming up to me looking for help.  Normally theses two are so skittish they cannot stand to be in the same field as me.  So this is breaking my heart.  I tried to check all the sheep before shearing to make sure that those that were sheared were in good enough condition.  But somehow I misjudged these two.  My flock is getting old so this is an issue.  I am strongly considering doing my own shearing again.  That way I can shear them when the weather is better and not depend of the schedule of the shearer.

I caught them and moved them into a pen. There is a breeze that is quite cold so in the pen they will be a little warmer.  Plus I can give them extra food that they do not need to share.

They seemed to appreciate it.  The look in their eyes seemed less desperate.  I hope they will do OK with this.

In other farm news, two of the hens we got from Rasa seem to have found a rooster.

Rasa hens and rooster

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6 Responses to A Cold Spring Morning

  1. Michelle says:

    That first photo is BEAUTIFUL. Chilly here this morning, too, but my weather app predicts getting to 70 next week! I think we’ll be letting the fire go out….

  2. Jeanne says:

    I felt sorry for your ewes. They looked so miserable! I’m glad you were able to help them.
    Did I miss something? I was looking for something as to what the temperature is or was, but couldn’t find it! I hope your weather warms up.

  3. FullyFleeced says:

    it has been cold these last couple nights. Poor girls- would they tolerate wearing jackets?

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