Images from my Pandemic Isolation

Yesterday was consumed with the animal chores but also some necessary errands.  I went to the post office, the laboratory for tests, the grocery store for an order pick up and then the pharmacy for medications.  My pick up order was missing some items.  So we were heading out in the evening so stopped my our local store WD Foods to pick up the missing items.  I joked at check out that these were all the necessary things you needed for quarantine.

We headed them to Bellingham via Chuckanut Drive to pick up dinner from a favorite restaurant Five Columns with part of my birthday present cash.  We were trying to support them but I am not sure they needed it.  They were really busy with people picking up their dinner orders.  In fact I do not think I have seen that many people dining there even when they were fully open.

On the way home I wanted to get a photo of the Skagit Casino.  I do not think we will see these parking lots empty like this again in our lifetimes.  It is weird.

So we settled in with our greek ribs dinner and watch the new episodes of Shaun the Sheep on Netflix.

This morning is the first tine I have dared to look at my retirement accounts.  It is a sad tale.

But on a cheerier note, I participated in a Mrs. Wilson’s Knitting Circle via zoom.  This was put on by the National WWI Museum.  It was really cool.  Here are photos of women knitting for the war effort.

Here is a man knitting to help him recover from his shell shock.

Here are school boys knitting for the red cross.

And here are the sheep in from of the White House for the war effort.

They also shared an American Red Cross Instructions for Knitting booklet which I downloaded.

Then we did the animal chores, again a little later than prior to the pandemic.  Time seems to have slowed down.  There was a Cessna flying above us while we did the chores.

Here is a video from the hay loft.  This is demonstrating how there is almost no traffic on what was our busy road.

Jemina and Ewegenie seem to be doing a little better.  They are less shivery, their eyes are perky, and they are eating well.

I had to add Amanda to their pen though.  She was shivering and had drooping ears, never a good sign in sheep.

As we finished the chores a V-shaped trio of 3 vintage planes flew over.  Unfortunately my camera did not focus on them well, but you can hear their awesome sounds.

After lunch I drove to pick up two bonnets that a lady made for us to use at the hospital.  A total stranger made them for us.  It is really incredible the way people want to help.

After that I did my usual pre-work routine.  I clean the house (because I have learned that I do not tolerate mess well when I am tired after work) while listening to Tom Morton’s Beatcroft Social.  Then I make a cocktail and take a bath with a good book.  Today was Downton Abbey’s French 75.  I have made this before and had them in French restaurants. They are very elegant and tasty drinks.  This time I made it in the champagne glass I used at our wedding.

So I do this cocktail, bath and book thing to calm my nerves before working.  Lately though I am stressed.  I have having weird dreams and today felt like I was reliving them awake periodically.  This happens when I am quite stressed.  I need to go to work with the knowledge that if I mess up and touch my face unintentionally or leave some bit of skin exposed I could get sick and even die.  Worse yet, my husband could.  It is so much harder now than it has ever been, but I just need to be careful.  So far our hospital has enough protective equipment but it is getting low.  Things may get even more stressful soon.

The other thing about this pandemic is that it is time consuming keeping up with all of the medical information.  I have to study medical literature, emails and have a webinar every 2-3 days.  Today I listened to one while making dinner, a pork stir fry.

Dinner was good, and Tom had heated up our wood fired hot tub this afternoon so we took soak after dinner. That calmed my nerves more than anything.  So now I just need to get a good night’s sleep, hopefully without weird COVID dreams, and be fresh to work very carefully tomorrow.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    We’re puzzled! What is the critter we hear when watching the “No Traffic” video?? When I played it, the little dog got excited and thought he needed to bark! He even trotted out to the kitchen, thinking that whatever it was, it had to be in there! He was funny! It sounded sort of like a chicken, but not quite!

    I’m glad Jemima and Ewegenie are doing better, and I hope Amanda will improve, quickly.

    Sleep well, my friend!

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