Pandemic Friday Evening #4

So the Stay Home order is extended another month per our governor. So we will need to continue to try to support local employees while staying safe.

So yesterday evening started with picking up another salad from Panera Bread (thanks Mom!).


We then headed to Freddie’s to pick up our grocery order. They had no flour so Tom bravely went into Haggens to get some.


Then we headed to The Fairhaven to pick up Fish & Chips.  This restaurant just opened with this pandemic so poor timing, but people on facebook are raving about their fish and chips so we thought we would try them.

the fairhaven

Then we headed home, put away our groceries and set out our dinners.

strawberry poppyseed saladfish and chips

And we listened to a favorite musician of ours, Doug MacLeod, on Can’t Stop The Blues.

doug macleod

Dinner was really excellent as was the music.  Then we relaxed and later watched The Return of the Pink Panther.  So that was our pandemic fourth Friday evening.   It looks like we are going to have at least 4 more.  We are already making plans for Mexican this next Friday with a couple of take out margaritas that are being advertised.

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  1. sanebishop says:

    Nothing like Inspector Clouseau to help you relax. Peter Sellers is so funny.

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