Consommé A La Jardiniere and Popa Chubby

I spend the day making this Consommé from the Downton Abbey Cookbook.  Fortunately it was just intermittent so I was able to do it despite my exhaustion.  Not much else today though.   Here is the chicken carcass in the pot with water, vegetables and bouquet garni.


These additives are removed after simmering for one hour.  It is then clarified with crushed egg shell, egg white, chopped ham and tomato paste.  Here it is after simmering for 1/2 hour.  I have never clarified like this before.  It is different.


And here it is after clarifying.  Please clear. huh?


I made these croutons.  They are really salty.


Here is how the Consommé looks in the cookbook.


And here is how mine looked.


The soup was really great, and the salty croutons on it really helped the flavor.  We did have cheese toast on the side, not nearly as elegant but tasty.

We then watched another favorite musician of ours, Pope Chubby, play for us.


He did Somewhere Over The Rainbow for us. It was beautiful.

It was a nice mix of old & elegant and new & raw.  It was a nice contrast.

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2 Responses to Consommé A La Jardiniere and Popa Chubby

  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh my! That’s quite the recipe for consomme. I’ve never tried making it. It’s tempting. That method of clarifying is very interesting! And your soup looks just as beautiful as the one in the book!
    I’ll come back later and listen to your video. I’ve never heard that performer before. Right now, I’m listening to radio from St. Louis. I do want to see what he sounds like. You and Tom have different choices in music, than I do. My husband and I always loved classical music. Mine love for it may have stemmed from my years of piano lessons.

    • Donna says:

      It is not quite as pretty as the book. Their vegetables are much prettier than mine. But it was tasty and elegant and healthy too. What more could you ask for, although it took all day.

      We like blues music but also lots of other types too. Music is good for the soul, especially right now.

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