Downton Scones

I had trouble sleeping again last night, likely due to the prednisone. So I gave up at 4:00 and quietly made the scones from the Downton Abbey Cookbook.

These scones are different than I am used to. The ingredients are similar except it seems like there is a lot more baking powder.  The dough is rolled into 2 ounce balls, flattened and then cut into quarters. Here they are ready to go in the oven.

And here they are coming out of the oven.

You are supposed to serve them with lots of clotted cream and jam.  The recipe says that if you do not have clotted cream, you can used butter thick enough to see your teeth marks when you bite them.  So here are my scones with butter, orange marmalade on the left and fig jam on the right.

I like them.  They do taste like scones I am used to, but the configuration makes it easier to embellish them with butter and jam.  Plus they appear more dainty that the scones in the coffee stands around here.  So I think I will hang onto this recipe for future use.

The downside of this morning’s baking is that I made a serious dent in our flour supply in our financial hunkering.  There was also a dent in our butter supply.  This is going to get interesting over time.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    They look delicious! However they aren’t shaped like any I’ve seen before. Of course that doesn’t affect the taste.
    I’m sorry you had trouble sleeping. I don’t do well on prednisone, and hope I never have to take it again. I continue to pray for you.

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