Farm Scenes

Over the weekend I noticed that the chicks I thought were white had started developing some buff colors on their necks and backs.  But also they started getting some darker red feathers on the tips of their wings.  I am not sure what they are going to turn out to be.

Our “barn cat” Izzy likes to hang out on our back porch.  She especially likes the pink  cafeteria chairs that came from Northern State Hospital that are now covered with small fleece rugs.  I thought she looked mighty comfortable.

Today I walked with Steve to the back forty (four) acres.  I was taking a stone for Miss Smith’s grave.  I took Steve with me as one of his favorite things in the whole world is running around back there.  I noticed the ewe Donna really checking me out.

The rest of the sheep were more casual.

I went further out back to check out the field that we are letting growing up to hopefully make hay.  It is looking really good to me, but I am not an expert.

While I was back there, I accidentally disturbed this eagle.  She/He lit out of a tree near me and flew away.  He/She was mostly dark with some gold near the head and neck.  I think it might be a golden eagle.  It was quite large.

So those were the recent events of the farm.

P.S.  I did have my final appointment with the infectious disease expert.  She felt that I do not have any current infection to explain my illness.  And I did get COVID-19 antibody testing, and it was negative.  I have my endoscopies on June 2 which will hopefully give me some answers (but probably not the ones I want though).

P.P.S. I just finished Vanishing Fleece: Adventures in American Wool
by Clara Parkes.  My husband bought it for me from Village Books for Christmas figuring I would like it.  And he was right.  This is a great book about the vanishing American textile industry but also a story about an adventure.  I would recommend it to anyone (not just wool nerds like me).  I am starting Happiness by Aminatta Forna.  This was bought for me by my mother and stepdad for my birthday last year.  It was recommended by The Weaver of Grass, one of the blogs I follow.  I normally do not have much time to read and with my illness I have not had the concentration to read.  But now my brain is starting to work better so I can read again, which is very nice.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Very nice pictures. I’m really looking forward to seeing what those chicks when they are full grown!

    I think that’s a golden eagle. They’re beautiful too!

    I’m glad your brain is letting you concentrate more now. I’ll keep you in prayer.

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