Quick Trip to the Boles

We went to the Boles.  It was exciting because there is a man hunt going on just to the north of us.

We brought Steve who loved it.

Steve and I walked around. I took photos of the mountains, flowers and butterflies with my nicer camera. Tom sprayed the undercarriage of our Boles and the bunkhouse with mouse repellent. Then the three of us sat in the shade of a pine tree and just relaxed. It was so nice sitting there in the grass.

Then it was cocktail hour, and I made a Stout Sangaree. It is Irish Stout, ruby port and some grated nutmeg on top.

I enjoyed it on the new picnic table my brother built while Tom enjoyed a cider.

Then we had an amazing dinner with our T-bones steaks and relaxed, enjoying the view and sunset.

We slept well, and I woke up to a meadowlark singing this morning. We packed up and headed home. It was a short but sweet trip.

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2 Responses to Quick Trip to the Boles

  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh boy! I would have loved that Meadowlark song!! That is my favorite bird!

    I almost think I’d have turned around and gone home when finding out about the suspect st large! I’m a chicken!

    Glad you had a good time!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks again Jeanne! The meadowlark’s song this morning was totally worth the manhunt anxiety. He was a ways from us and there was a lot of law enforcement looking for him so I did not think he would make it to our area. Hopefully I am right.


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