Piper’s First Birthday!

So yesterday was our granddaughter’s birthday party.  We took the purple Challenger and drove north to their place.  On the way, we enjoyed songs from the best 50 rock albums from 50 years ago.

We stopped in Bellingham for some beverages to bring to the party.  This trailer was sitting by the side of the road, for sale.

We went to Elizabeth Station to buy ciders to bring to the party.

It was spooky windy in the area.  I had irrigated all around our house before we left in case someone on the road created a spark.  

For some reason these lyrics really resonated with me today.

We crossed the Nocksack River.

We headed toward the border as I had not seen it closed yet during this pandemic.  This is  I-5 looking north toward the mostly closed border on Labor Day afternoon.  This freeway would normally be packed.  Again kind of spooky.

empty border

We passed this cool old barn for sale.  I am guessing it is not long for this world.  

We drove by Drayton Harbor

and you can see White Rock, British Columbia on the other side of the water.

We arrived at the party, and Piper was wearing a cute sundress.

I loved her facial expression.

William explained how he can do wheelies on his scooter wearing his motorcycle helmet,

and then showed us his dirt bike wheelies.

He also showed us his new GTO.

We had a great dinner that they had prepared with jalapeño poppers, short ribs, and baked beans.  The sheet was then placed to catch any fallout from the birthday cake.  

The scene was set.

Piper decided to climb on the dining room chair instead,

but then she was placed in her high chair.

The singing happy birthday video did not turn out, but I have plenty of pictures of her and her cake.  This is the first time she has ever had any cake or frosting.

She did not make much of a mess at all.  I think the sheet was unnecessary.  This is in sharp contrast to William at his first birthday.

Then it was time for birthday presents.  Piper was more interested in the balloon

and the paper.

But William did show her how to open the cloth book on the lamb puppet,

and she did briefly try on the hat I knitted for her.  Winter is theoretically coming.

Jaylene seemed to like the clothes she received.  She has outgrown almost all of her current clothes as she is quite tall.  We bought her 3T jeans

and a shirt.

She did eventually play with the puppet,

and tried to open her next present with her teeth.

She did seem to like the magnetic blocks.

Belle liked her vantage point on Tom’s lap.

Present opening over, William hung with the birthday balloon.

Piper grabbed her new sippy cup

and drank some water from it.  I had intended it to be for camping as it has those images on it, but there may not be much more camping this year.

Jay read Piper’s new book to her.

This was a socially distanced birthday party with only grandparents and an uncle.  It was so much smaller than William’s first birthday.  Thankfully, Piper does not know the difference, and we all had a wonderful time.

Tom and I headed home via the sunset.

The sunset was spectacular but bittersweet as it is due to all the fires. When we got home, our house was still standing. We checked our computers and discovered how many new fires had started in the state due to the heat, dry condition and wind. So much destruction.

This morning the air quality is quite poor at our place so I am confined indoors while Tom is outside doing all of the chores. I am thankful it was not this smokey yesterday for the party, and I am able to do indoor chores today, like writing this blog post. Stay safe out there from the pandemic, the fires and the smoke. What a year!

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  1. FullyFleeced says:

    happy birthday Piper! cute little sundress 🙂

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