Frustrating Garden Year


Last week I weed whacked most of the garden which was mostly weeds.  

There is a frost predicted later this week so yesterday I picked the remaining zucchini squash.  Then I started looking at the other squashes.  And I found this:

This is what the spaghetti squash look like,

and this is the same squash turned over.  

Rodents have eaten most of my spaghetti squash.  Last year I ate these squashes through the whole winter.  This year almost all of them have been eaten. The ones that haven’t are either not ripe or the few that are on the fence that they haven’t got to yet..

I then looked at the acorn squash.  Fortunately they are OK.  It may be because their skin are thicker.  

Here are more of my sad spaghetti squashes.  They went to the animals.

I then looked at the pumpkins.  One was eaten, but the rest are OK.  But there are very few of them.

Here are the spaghetti squash I can keep, the one butternut squash (likely because the others were all eaten), the last of the zucchini and one last cucumber.

And here is the sum total of all of my winter squash.  So incredibly sad.  I usually have an abundance of squash and can feed the excess to the animals.  Not this year.  

In other better news, the trees are turning colors.  

When the vet was out, he implied that our cows are fat.  What do you think?

They have only been eating grass until now except for a few apples recently.  

Our grass must be pretty good.  

We haven’t started feeding any hay to them yet which is highly unusual.  I expect to be feeding full rations of hay by October 15 and start half rations well before then.

I do expect to start feeding them hay tomorrow though.  They are complaining today about inadequate grass.  

I am trying to get ready for Halloween.  So far I do not have any pumpkins to carve.  There are two medium sized green pumpkins that I had hoped to carve, but it seems unlikely at this point.  I still plan on dressing as a peacock.  Usually we watch scary movies, but I haven’t found one I have an interest in watching.  But I did find the PBS series Monstrum on their passport streaming service.  I watched a couple last night, and it is fascinating.  

So i think I will watch that. Not sure what Tom wants to watch. I have purchased Halloween candy to nibble on.

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2 Responses to Frustrating Garden Year

  1. Jeanne says:

    Aw, Donna, I’m really sorry about the loss of your squash crop! You must have some really rascally rodents! At least your critters can eat what’s left of them.

    I want to see a picture of you dressed as a peacock!! It sounds like fun!

    • Donna says:

      It is so frustrating to work that hard only to feed rodents. We are thinking about getting rid of the garden fence. It is basically making a sanctuary for them. I will see about posting the peacock outfit.

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