Our Post Halloween and Election Day

The day after Halloween, I made toasted pumpkin seeds.  I used a different recipe than usual, and it was tasty.  It is definitely going to be my new toasted pumpkin seed recipe going forward.  

I also made sweet cornbread with expiring corn meal for the hogs.

Doing the animal chores, I admired our saved rooster.  Isn’t he handsome?

By our front gate the English Ivy has been blooming, and the bees were going crazy over it.

I have been cleaning up the vegetable garden and grabbed some rutabagas for the sheep.

They also got the Jack O’ Lanterns.  Here is Hodor eating the 2020 one, 

and then Bambam eating it as well.  

I have been trying to spoil the hogs.  Their pen has been getting increasing muddy and the nights are getting colder, which pigs do not like.  So I am trying to make it up to them with food.  Tom bought them some treats from the store.  Here is Penelope enjoying a pinwheel.

Here is Porky liking the cornbread.

And Penelope enjoying Halloween candy.

After the rams were done, Little Man ate some of the pumpkin.

Yesterday, Tom and I went shopping in downtown Mount Vernon, trying to support some of the local businesses.  In the process we took a selfie with Joe Biden.  There was a guy driving around with a jeep with large American and Trump flags and a bull horn telling basically empty streets to vote for Trump.  Not sure this is going to sway anybody.  

Yesterday we had tried to move the hogs out of their pen because we knew the rain was coming.  But we had no luck, partly because I had already fed them.  So this morning we tried again, in a torrential rainstorm.  It was very difficult getting them out of their pen and then down the alleyway toward their smaller pen.  Here is a bad photo of us finally getting them in the alleyway and trying to move them toward the donkey pen.  It was truly exhausting and frustrating, but we finally got them in the smaller pen.  They were exhausted too.  But then we fed them their feed, marshmallow rolls, corn bread and candy.

Here is a photo of me afterwards.  You cannot see though how incredibly muddy I am, but my Filson coat kept me dry for the most part.  

This is an accidental video I took which shows how incredibly wet it is.

The plan now is to stay inside and watch the election coverage.  I am preparing Peaches’ Jerk Chicken and Jamaican Rice and Peas. I have been wanting to make this for a while but couldn’t find Scotch Bonnet Peppers.  I even bought some Scotch Bonnet Pepper sauce when we were in Key West but then couldn’t figure out how to use it in the recipe.  So I ordered dried pepper from Amazon and rehydrated them for the recipe.

Here is the chicken marinating in the jerk.  The chicken, green onions and thyme used are from our farm.

Then I got my election day garb on with pearls from my grandmother.

I am currently sipping on Sage Herbal Tea which is really good.  

sage tea

The plan is to clean the house, take a bath, drink a Mojito, grilled the chicken, cook the beans and watch the election results come in. Happy Election Day!

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  1. Jeanne says:

    My goodness! You HAVE had quite a time! I’m sorry you had so much trouble with your critters. I’m glad you were able to get the pigs moved, even though they weren’t happy about it all. You are blessed to have your grandmother’s pearls!!

    • Donna says:

      It was so hard to get them moved. I think I hurt my back trying to walk in that deep mud they were in. So happy to have them out of there. I doubt my grandmother’s pearls are real but it is nice to wear them.

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